Terms and Conditions for Lead Generation Services.

“You” and “Your” specifically pertain to individuals who utilise https://boilerswap.co.uk

https://boilerswap.co.uk is a referral company that will exclusively utilise the information you have provided to connect you with reputable and well-established boiler installation companies.

By providing your details and utilising our services, you are giving consent to abide by the terms and conditions specified on this page.

What https://boilerswap.co.uk does.

The goal of https://boilerswap.co.uk is to offer you free quotes from trustworthy boiler companies. 

These companies will have the necessary experience, qualifications, and accreditations for boiler engineering, as far as we know. 

If you have any uncertainties, you can request these certificates from any of the boiler installers who have contacted you.

In order for us to share your information with certain companies, who will then offer you their best quote, we only need a minimal amount of information from you. 

It is entirely up to you whether you choose to proceed with these boiler companies or not. 

There is absolutely no pressure or obligation to utilise any services from them if you decide not to.

After you have decided to provide your information, it will be forwarded to the relevant parties. 

Consequently, you should anticipate receiving a phone call from a minimum of one to a maximum of three boiler companies located in your immediate vicinity.

Our selected boiler installation companies will receive your information and will reach out to you via phone and email.

Your information will neither be forwarded nor sold to any third party.


https://boilerswap.co.uk is not a boiler company and cannot offer boiler services. 

Our role is to simply share the information provided by you with third-party boiler companies. 

We bear no responsibility for any damage to your heating system, home, or property caused by the third party to whom we have shared your information. 

Likewise, we are not liable for any loss of property, money, or any misleading information provided by the third-party company that we have connected you with. 

By allowing any person or company to perform work on your property, you assume full responsibility and agree to abide by their terms and conditions.

Payment for services by you

Our service is offered at no charge, meaning any expenses incurred are solely for the boiler installer and the services they provide, according to the agreement you have made with them. 

We do not handle any payment arrangements or have any involvement in financial matters. 

These arrangements are strictly between you and the installer.

Storing your information and GDPR

We adhere closely to the GDPR regulations that were implemented in May, 2018. 

All the information we store will be utilised and erased in accordance with these guidelines.

We will solely utilise your information to furnish you with quotations from boiler companies.

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